Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2012-13

(Brooklyn, NY)Brendan Fernandes

Project Statement

I will investigate how movements have been gendered, particularly in relation to the male body, through classical ballet technique. My past practice as a ballet and modern dancer will influence how this work will take form; through this project I will further make reference to my past research of museum display technique as it relates to “othered culture.” To allude to these ideas, the male dancers will perform endurance movements through choreography in a museum- like space, surrounded by the apparatuses that display museum “artifacts” (plinths, hooks, stands). The bodies becomes stand-ins for the “artifact” and as they move through space the two male dancers will assist each other to interact with a display object, creating a type of dance. The endurance of sustaining positions and acts of balance with each other will create the tension in the piece, showcasing a sense of vulnerability and fragility as the body tires.


Born in Kenya of Indian heritage, Brendan Fernandes immigrated to Canada in 1989. He completed the Independent Study Program of the Whitney Museum of American Art (2007) and earned his MFA (2005) from The University of Western Ontario and his BFA (2002) from York University in Canada. He has exhibited internationally and nationally, and has held the position of Artist in Residence at The School of Visual Arts, NY, in the graduate program for computer arts (2008). He was the recipient of a New Commissions Project through Art in General, NY Fernandes’ work was recently acquired by the National Gallery of Canada. He is based between Toronto and New York.