Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2011-12

(Brooklyn, NY)Kara Lynch

Kara Lynch is a time-based artist living en exilio. Awards for her video work include iFilms and PlanetOut and Individual artist grants from NYFA and NYSCA. She participated in various artist residencies: Arts International Residency in Moscow; the Banff Centre for the Arts; el Laboratorio Fronterizo de Escritores/Writing Lab on the Border; and the Civitella Ranieri Center in Italy. Recent works include: 'Mouhawala Oula' - a trio performance for oriental dance, live video and saxophone, 'Invisible' - a speculative video/audio installation; 'P.S. Odysseus' - a video love-letter; 'Xing Over' - a multi-channel audio piece; 'Black Russians' - a feature-length documentary; and 'The Outing' - a video travelogue. She's published in XCP Streetnotes, Ulbandus Review, BFM, contributed audio to Cabinet Magazine, video to PocketMyths, and drawings/writings to the Encyclopedia Project v.II F-K. She served as juror for Outfest, MIX: New York, and the New Festival; and on advisory boards for The Mountain School, Clockshop, and the Board of Directors of Denniston Hill. She's an active member of Interdiciplinario, La Lėnea, a feminist artist collective on the Tijuana/San Ysidro border. Kara completed her MFA in Visual Arts at UCSD, a Permaculture Design Certification from the Center for Bioregional Living, and currently is an Associate Professor of Video and Critical Studies at Hampshire College.

INVISIBLE :: episode 03 meet me in Okemah - saved

INVISIBLE is a long-form video/sound project that asks the question: what if the transatlantic slave trade never happened? episode 03 - meet me in Okemah - saved marks the 100th anniversary of the lynching of Laura and her fourteen year old son, L.W. at the Old Schoolton Bridge in Oklahoma. Imagine the blink of G.H. Farnum's camera shutter that reveals a crowd lining the bridge to see the sights. Immemorial, throughout 2011/12 I will stage sound installation-performances on a series of steel bridges. Folks will gather at these bridges, and together we re-enact the photograph. A series of postcards will constitute the piece's documentation.