Franklin Furnace Fund Recipients 2011-12

(Yonkers, NY)Annie Rachele Lanzillotto

Annie Rachele Lanzillotto, Bronx born poet, author, director, performance artist. Lanzillotto's memoir is due out in 2012 by SUNY Albany Press. Recent works include her unpublished book of poems "Schist," her independent c.d. release "Eleven Recitations," and her band's album "Blue Pill." Her poem Triple Bypass won the Paolucci Award in Poetry of the Italian American Writers Association, and was published in the 2002 anthology "The Milk of Almonds: Italian-American Women Writers on Food and Culture," edited by Edvige Giunta and Louise DeSalvo. Solo shows include: Confessions of a Bronx Tomboy, Pocketing Garlic, How to Wake Up a Marine in a Foxhole, a'Schapett, at The Arthur Avenue Retail Market in the Bronx. Lanzillotto has received performance commissions from Dancing In The Streets, Dixon Place, Franklin Furnace, The Rockefeller Foundation.


Soapboxing is a site-specific performance by Annie Rachele Lanzillotto and Mary Anne Trasciatti of historical New York City street corner oratory. When walking the streets of Manhattan, imagine the sounds of orators "holding forth" on the corners, educating and activating people about important issues of the day. Workers rights, immigrant rights, women's rights, civil rights, gay rights, and civil liberties. The speeches Lanzillotto and Trasciatti perform are based on primary materials (newspaper accounts, autobiographies, manuscripts) culled from archival research from such figures as anarchist Virgilia D'Andrea, labor and civil liberties activist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and founder of planned parenthood Margaret Sanger.