(Toronto, ON)Brandon Vickerd

Brandon Vickerd is a Toronto-based sculptor and Professor of Visual Arts at York University. He received his BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (1999) and his MFA from the University of Victoria (2001). His recent research examines large scale performance as an attempt to engage the viewer in a discourse about urban infrastructure and architecture. These sculptures and performances examine the notion of the spectacle in the urban landscape; key to this process is creating art that will not be permanent public works, but instead temporary performance/installations.

Dance of the Cranes

Dance of the Cranes is a choreographed dance that will be executed by a number of construction cranes (hopefully four) that stand in close proximity to each other and are visible above the New York skyline. The cranes will come to life in a synchronized spectacle of motion. In the darkness they will slowly begin to pivot, rotate and sway in harmonized gestures, each crane performing the same delicate motion hundreds of feet above the viewers on the sidewalks below.