(Brooklyn, NY)Stacy Scibelli

Stacy Scibelli is an artist currently living and working in Brooklyn NY. Stacy utilizes her background in fashion and costuming as a gateway to a common ground of understanding to illicit public interaction. Stacy's work often involves the staging of physical situations that are mediated by the use of a bizarre apparatus. These handmade objects suggest certain similarities to the everyday object, most closely relating to clothing or accessories. In doing so, she reveals satire in the suspension of disbelief. Her work is most prominently concerned with the acknowledgement and exploration of the space between people, both literally and metaphorically. Stacy is a member and co-founder of the gallery/collective space, The Shirey, in Bushwick NY.

Made with Love

Stacey Scibelli aims to construct 500 garments that are to be available for the public to freely try on and interact with. The nature of these garments is ambiguous and varied (i.e. pieces can be worn as shirts, pants, scarves, hats) and should be personally interpreted. The intended atmosphere will be one of excitement, playfulness, vanity, and willing vulnerability, as the testing of these garments requires a bit of humor and adventure. There will be a photographer present to capture each interpretation of the “costumes.” The aesthetic atmosphere will be affected by the overwhelming presence of an identifiable color palette and texture indicative of all of the garments; my intention is to create a disorienting sensation, as the garment dilutes the presence of individual personality within the space while simultaneously accentuating the importance of creativity and personal expression through the donning of them. The process of trying on garments that can be worn different ways creates an instantaneous intimate dialogue between friends and strangers. It is a question with many answers. It is, in effect a living, breathing, moving, changing, installation.