(Brooklyn, NY)Dafna Naphtali

Dafna Naphtali is a sound-artist/ improviser/composer from an eclectic musical background. As a singer/guitarist/electronic-musician she performs and composes using her Max/MSP programming for sound processing of voice and other instruments. Dafna has collaborated / performed with many experimental musicians and video artists over the past 15 years, teaches and gives workshops at universities in the US and Europe, and holds a Masters in Music Technology from New York University, where she is part-time faculty. She has been teaching, programming and consulting about computer music since1995 at Harvestworks (New York) and as a freelancer, and has done sound design and/or programming work for the projects of many artists at the forefront of digital and interactive music.


Inspired by the ingenious 13th century scholar/inventor Al-Jazari, (Mesopotamian creator of the first musical robots) – Robotica is written for Singer’s GuitarBot, ModBot percussion robots plus spoken/sung texts and live sound manipulations of the acoustic sound of the robots. In performance, she sings and controls the robots and audio manipulations via computer programs using gestural controllers. Daphna creates rhythms/melody and embedded meaning by using Morse Code and polyrhythmic metronomes and texts generated by online poetry robot.