(New York, NY)Clarinda Mac Low

Clarinda Mac Low produces solo work and collaborative group extravaganzas. Mac Low’s most recent collaborations include TRYST (with Alejandra Martorell and Paul Benney), a sly series of performance interventions into everyday life, most recently as part of an iLAB Residency exploring the ecological life of North Brooklyn; Cyborg Nation, public conversation on the technological body and the nature of intimacy; and Salvage/Salvation, an ongoing collaborative installation and performance project that explores the philosophical, emotional and material implications of re-use, discard, decay and abundance. Mac Low is co-Director of Culture Push a cross-disciplinary organization encouraging hands-on participation and strong hybrid ideas, in partnership with Aki Sasamoto and Arturo Vidich.

Cyborg Nation

"Cyborg Nation" is a portable performance installation based in a Self-Contained Performance Environment (or SCoPE); miniature technologies combined to create a tiny media extravaganza. A philosophical inquiry and investigation of intimacy in a world of remote communication, a participatory performance experiment where one-to-one conversation is a public display—intimacy becomes spectacle and strangers find depth in momentary contact. In this work, fed by an interest in how technology both extends and limits our senses, the performer becomes an opinionated conduit for physically present and remote audiences, fielding phone calls, email, and images. The SCoPE is deliberately un-slick--a nexus for fantasy and imagination rather than an attempt at mechanized perfection.