(Ozone Park, NY)Shaun El C. Leonardo

Shaun El C. Leonardo received his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and currently lives/works in Queens, New York City the borough in which he was born and raised. Shaun blends personal narrative and pop-cultural iconography from his childhood within self-portraiture as a means to convey the complexities of his own masculine identity. These hybridizations take the form of plywood cutout paintings and drawings, but are also brought to life by performance.


In his first solo stage performance, the artist will capture the essence of his work through feelings of displacement from the hyper-masculine role models of his childhood. In a dream-like state he will weave in and out through past performances, trying on different personas as he dances, flexes, sings and struggles within five different scenarios, all the while conjuring up elusive yet inescapable memories of family history and past relationships.