(Brooklyn, NY)Elana Katz

Elana Katz is an American artist currently based in New York and Berlin. Formally a classical dancer, she now continues to work with the body, yet from a varied perspective, primarily in the medium of performance art. Her work most often confronts cultural conventions-- critically examining the complexity that lies within contradictions, as well as deconstructing symbols, customs, and ideals.


Cinderella examines the idealization of Disney icons, specifically focusing upon the story of Cinderella, and the myth of the glass slipper. The artist will be clothed as Cinderella, and will walk in delicate shoes made of real glass. The glass slippers, of course, will break, and cause damage to the artistís feet. This work considers the illusions which fairytales cause children to believe, confronting the potential morbidity of fairytales. The question is posed: to what extent are such illusions destructive to our society?