(Los Angeles, CA)Ayana Hampton

Ayana Hampton is an artist working in Los Angeles. Of particular import is her commitment to innovative arts education, and an impulse to create art that counters pop-culture’s uniquely palatable and toxic charm. A native New Yorker, Ayana began honing her craft at Dallas’ Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Upon graduation in 1999, she was admitted to Smith College. From there, her classical training extended to London’s British American Drama Academy. She completed MFA at CalArts. Concurrent with her graduate studies, in Los Angeles, Ayana developed and lead a playwriting course with C.A.P. intended to match Franklin High School students with current CalArts graduate students.


THE AYANA HAMPTON SHOW is a blitzkrieg buffet of original, memorable songs that expose the allure of modern Zen-femininity through impressions of First Lady Michelle Obama, drag queens, and the narrative of a bachelorette-hypochondriac's battle against anonymity, depression, and a fictitious African American woe, “Acute Diana Ross Disorder.” THE AYANA HAMPTON SHOW features The Morning After Band and The Lustrous BlackUp Dancers. This project was conceived during Ayana Hampton's undergraduate studies at Smith College. Ms. Hampton later merged with composers and fellow CalArts graduates, Brian Barrale and Mark Mendelson, with whom she wrote the music.