(Brooklyn, NY)Rachel Frank

Born and raised in Kentucky, Rachel Frank is a sculptor currently based in Brooklyn, New York. She holds a BFA from The Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from The University of Pennsylvania. While at the University of Pennsylvania she was selected for an exchange program at The Royal College of Art in London. She is the recipient of numerous awards, and has been a visiting artist at Stanford University, The Rhode Island School of Art and Design, Peddie School, and The Kansas City Art Institute. Currently, she is working on her first performance piece, Sleep of Reason, and has an upcoming bookmaking residency at The Women’s Studio Workshop in the fall of 2010.

Sleep of Reason

"Sleep of Reason" uses the allegorical narratives in Francisco Goya’s "Los Caprichos" and "The Disasters of War" series to examine the theatrical/performance implications of prisoner torture and abuse depicted in the Abu Ghraib photographs. The performance is set in a tableau vivant manner: staged still scenes are briefly illuminated with a flash of light cutting through longer periods of darkness. The performance is not an exact reproduction of the images in the photos, but rather, like Goya’s prints, uses fantastical costume and allusion as an allegorical critique; referencing his works, the costumed performance suggests the recurrent darkness beneath the rational and enlightened society of today.