(Brooklyn, NY)Dan Fishback

Dan Fishback has been writing and performing in New York City since 2003. Major works include You Will Experience Silence (Dixon Place, 2009, which the Village Voice called "sassier and more fun than Angels in America"), No Direction Homo (P.S. 122, 2006), and Please Let Me Love You (Dixon Place, 2006), in addition to numerous other performances. Also a performing songwriter and recording artist, Fishback began his solo music career in the East Villageís anti-folk scene. His band, Cheese On Bread, has toured Europe and North America, and has released records in the United States and Japan.


Born in 1981, the year the AIDS epidemic began, performance artist Dan Fishback explores his own generationís experience of death, sexuality and disease in his new solo piece, thirtynothing. Using visual work from lost gay artists as a springboard and backdrop, Fishback weaves stories from his own life through stories from theirs, creating an abstract theatrical landscape where the living and the dead can co-mingle and collaborate.