(Brooklyn, NY)Reid Farrington

Reid Farrington is a new media artist, director, and designer based in New York City. His directorial debut was THE PASSION PROJECT, which premiered at the PS/K2 festival in Copenhagen, Denmark in November 2007. Gin & "It", his second theater piece, premiered at the Wexner Center for the Arts in March 2010. He has toured productions to Copenhagen, Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Brussels, Athens, Vancouver, and Columbus, OH. He has had creative residencies at the Wexner Center for the Arts, Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, and the 3LD Art & Technology Center.

Marks on Time

Marks on Time is a performance-installation using two optical illusions, a Pepperís Ghost and an anamorphic cone. Farrington uses Joseph Hellerís book, Picture This as my model to tell the story of the sculpting of Michelangeloís David. My script adopts Hellerís narrative structure and replaces his characters of Rembrandt, Aristotle, and Heller himself with David, Michelangelo and the Stanford University Digital Michelangelo Project. Exploring Hellerís same panoramic view of history, I weave together the landmark moments of Davidís life, with those leading to the creation of Michelangeloís David with those leading to my creation of the Digital Michelangelo Project. This whole story will be viewed as a sculpture, from all sides. The main action of the story is the actual sculpting of David, the freeing of the man from the marble. As flakes of marble fall to the ground they resolve in pieces of the three histories.