(Brooklyn, NY)Arielle Falk

Arielle Falk, born 1983 in Washington, D. C., is a Brooklyn, NY-based artist working in video, performance, and sculpture. She received her BA in Performance Studies from Eugene Lang College (NYC) in 2007 and has since exhibited her work both internationally and nationally. In 2010, Ms. Falk presented her first solo exhibition, Lego My Ego, at LZ Project Space located in New York City.


DE-INHIBITIONATORS is a large-scale, site-specific performance art piece. Volunteer participants will inhabit eight to ten differently colored and sized upright, rectangular, wheeled, wooden structures, or DE-INHIBITIONATORS, and walk them around Union Square Park. Utilizing two-way mirrors, the structures will cover the occupants from head to toe while allowing them to see and move about, experiencing the surrounding public space privately and anonymously, free from binding elements such as the ego, the physical self, and the gaze of the other, while creating a random dance of these unexpected sculptures in the park/cityscape. The general public will also be invited to inhabit the DE-INHIBITIONATORS.