(Phoenix, AZ)Angela Ellsworth

Angela Ellsworth is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Phoenix, Arizona. Her performances, drawings, and installations explore the body in its various contexts and constraints. Informed by public art, feminist art, and her own personal histories, her solo and collaborative works have taken in such wide-ranging subjects as physical fitness, illness, endurance, social ritual, religious tradition, and American colonial history. Her work has been exhibited and performed nationally and internationally including the Biennale of Sydney, Getty Center, Highways, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, and Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. She is Assistant Professor in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University.


"Soundproofed” is part of the on-going Sister-Wife Project exploring rituals of endurance, membership, place, and non-heteronormativity. The site for this performance is the Temple of the Church of Latter-Day Saints at Broadway and Columbus, a completely soundproofed temple in the middle of Manhattan. Ellsworth’s sister-wives embody revelatory powers historically afforded to sanctioned male prophets of the Mormon Church. With these powers, and the unique ability to line dance when divinely inspired, the sister-wives will listen to the temple architecture and translate their findings. “Soundproofed” is one of a series of performances Ellsworth is creating based on her ancestry embedded in Mormon polygamy.