(Brooklyn, NY)Joe Diebes

Joe Diebes creates works that converge in the categories of opera, sound installation and visual art. From 1996-2003 he was an artist member as well as the musical force behind the hybrid arts collective GAle GAtes et al., described by the New York Times as "an adventurous troupe with one foot in the world of postmodern art and the other in downtown performance." There Diebes co-created several expansive pieces that were part art installation, part progressive theater and part opera. His music installation, emblem, was commissioned by and presented at the 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy. Diebes graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Yale University in 1995, and studied privately with Stanley Wolfe at Juilliard and with La Monte Young.


Diebes will create BOTCH, a live art piece that explores the behavioral difference between people and machines by asking: "what’s in a mistake?" Five performers interact with audio and video recordings according to the rules of a composed score. They engage in vocal, movement, and drawing tasks that demand more speed than they can handle, inevitably leading to information loss, flubs, and missed notes. The relation between machine exactitude and human error evolves (or devolves) over the course of the piece. BOTCH will be presented as a work in progress at HERE Arts Center in January, 2011.