(Brooklyn, NY)Rob Andrews

Rob Andrews has been creating performance art in New York City since 2002. He is a teacher for the NYC Department of Education, and was a personal assistant to William Pope.L. Andrews has an M.S. in Education from Pace University and a B.A. in English (concentration in Creative Writing) from Bates College, Maine.

Clean Humans

Rob Andrews cleans the bodies of other humans. This is a collaborative process in which he identifies individuals towards whom he feels a pull, approaches them, and together they construct a performative situation that promotes exchange. Andrews recently completed one of these clean works on a former FF Fundwinner, Peter Dobill. The next subject, Leah Aron--suggested the parking lot of a strip club. He cleans to understand, to establish and elevate a common ritual towards spiritual exchange, and to steal the subject's vital energy. This series will occur over the next three years and include 15-20 subjects.