(Guatemala)Jorge David Perez Valerio


Valerio was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in 1976 and lives and works in Guatemala. He Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Altos de Chavon School of Design in Fine Arts and Illustration. He is a visual artist who has experimented in different fields of art and language and has been a part of a vast array of events and projects in different institutions around the world from Bulgaria and Venezuela to the United States and Argentina, among others. His first performances go hand to hand with the ritual form of representation. He has taken the Dominican-Haitian crisis and its social and political consequences as a central axis for his body of work. Currently, his work has taken a more formal character and his visual investigations employ the human body as a sculptural medium.

Tumulos/Burial Mounds

Tumulos is the Spanish word meaning "a pile of rocks and dirt raised over a tomb." For Perez it refers to the human necessity to belong and to assert the right to each person to a place, even after death. Perez sees New York as a locus of a diverse range of ideas, peoples and lifestyles. While for years the city has symbolized success and opportunity, the current economic downturn has destabilized its inhabitants literally and symbolically. In the performance, ten people will lie flat on the ground, side to side, with a distance of approximately one meter between them. A carpet or piece of fabric will be placed over their bodies so that they are completely covered, with only their heads revealed.