(De Ruyter, NY)Spectres of Liberty


Spectres of Liberty is an artist collaborative of Olivia Robinson, Josh MacPhee, and Dara Greenwald. Their situated practice includes but is not limited to the use of text, video, printmaking, inflatables, and social organizing to make visible resistant histories at or near the sites in which these historic processes took place. Through animating these sites where largely forgotten people fought for freedom, they hope to engage audiences to think more deeply about the space they inhabit in the here and now.

Spectres of Liberty

Spectres of Liberty is an on-going, public, temporal project about the history of the movement to abolish slavery in the United States. The next presentation of Spectres of Liberty will be in Syracuse, NY. The artists will work with the "central depot" metaphor (used by abolitionists) to visualize and animate this site and its history. This work will combine expanded cinema; relational, situated and community practices; as well as digital animation, video, inflatables, social sculpture, and the web.