(Brooklyn, NY)Dread Scott


Dread Scott makes revolutionary art to propel history forward. He first received national attention in 1989 when his art became the center of controversy over its use of the American flag while he was a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he received a BFA. In 2006, the Whitney Biennial included his art in the Down by Law section and his work was also included in recent exhibitions at the PS1/MoMA, and the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. He works in a range of media including installation, photography, screen-printing, video and performance.

Rate of Change

Rate of Change will be a suite of unannounced performances in pubic spaces in New York. I Am Not a Man references the 1968 Memphis Sanitation workers' I am a Man strike. It will be inverted, pointing simultaneously to the importance of the Civil Rights protests and how racism remains entrenched. In Kidney for Sale Scott will sit on the street and walk through subway cars offering to sell his organs to feed his family - a commonplace exchange in India. Money to Burn will be enacted on Wall Street. Scott will burn $500, $5 at a time, while asking traders to join him.