(Brooklyn, NY)Brooke O'Harra


The Theatre of a Two-headed Calf was co-founded by Brooke O'Harra (director) and Brendan Connelly (composer) in 2000 in New Orleans, LA. They are resident artists at La Mama E.T.C. where they have performed Tumor Brainiowicz and The Mother (S.I. Witkiewicz), Tom Thumb The Great (Henry Fielding), Major Barbara (G.B. Shaw) and Seasons One and Two of Room for Cream: a live lesbian soap opera. Two-headed Calf often works with close readings of known texts by looking at them in the context of historical significance, form, and meaning. All shows are through-composed by Brendan Connelly (whose music is always performed by a live band). Other significant works include a commission by PS 122, PANIC, a new play in the BAiT festival and a co-commission by Here Arts Center, NY, and The Perishable Theatre in R.I. to develop and perform Chikamatsu's Drum of the Waves of Horikawa. Most recently they received an Art Matters grant to develop Room For Cream Istanbul in Istanbul, Turkey.


The Theatre of a Two-headed Calf will perform Trifles, the 1918 proto-feminist play by Provincetown Players' co-founder, Susan Glaspell, at the Ontological Hysteric-Theater, New York in January/February 2010. Their exploration of the 12-page script, concerning a wife's murder of her husband and the tacit cover-up by the wife's friends, will stretch the narrative to allow for consideration of the ambiguity proposed by Glaspell between violence and inaction, law and empathy, women and men. This new piece comes on the heels of Season Two of their episodic lesbian soap opera, Room for Cream, which has opened up a conversation about performance, humor and queer identity.