The Franklin Furnace Fund 2009-10

For over twenty years, Franklin Furnace has awarded grants to emerging performance artists to allow them to do major work in New York. Events are presented in partnership with collegial venues, or, in the case of site-specific collaborative groups, in the city environment.

Franklin Furnace Fund 2009-10 grant recipients are:

Rafael Abreu-Canedo, New York, NY
Michael Paul Britto, New York, NY
Heather Cassils, Los Angeles, CA
Zachary Drucker, Los Angeles, CA
Marisa Jahn, New York, NY
Brooke O'Harra, Brooklyn, NY
Jeanine Oleson, Brooklyn, NY
Jorge David Perez Valerio, Guatemala
Spectres of Liberty, De Ruyter, NY
Emily Roydson, Brooklyn , NY
Dread Scott, Brooklyn, NY

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