(Los Angeles, CA)Zackary Drucker


Zackary Drucker is a self-described limp-wristed, switch queen/Los Angeles-based artist. Drucker holds a MFA from the California Institute of the Arts, and a BFA from the School of Visual Arts. Infusing elements of installation, performance, text, photography, and video, Drucker's work explores under-recognized aspects of queer history while simultaneously inscribing her own experience and position within it. Drucker reactivates "The Queens' Vernacular," documents relationships and secret legacies, and challenges conventions of entertainment and drag performance, as well as existing art-historical representations of queer people. Oscillating between documentary, mythology, and personal narrative, the work is an overall novel exploration of gender as it is constructed, deconstructed, and experienced.

Tranny Monsters

Mother Flawless Sabrina is a legendary drag queen with whom Drucker has made photographs, videos, and performed live with. Weaving a fluid, parallel text of their lives, the oeuvre represents a legacy being passed from a lost generation to the future. Drucker will stay with Sabrina in her Upper East Side apartment for one month to create a long format experimental video that will explore trans-identity, and uncover layers of history contained in the Upper East Side apartment she's inhabited for over 40 years.