(New York, NY)Rafael Abreu-Canedo


Brasilian born Rafael Abreu-Canedo immigrated to the United States in 1994. Through various mediums, Rafael explores issues of language, social behavior, power relations, and identity, with focus on systems, the body, and space. Throughout his career, Rafael has worked with organizations such as Sprout Fund, MTV's Rock the Vote, No More Prisons, Books Not Bombs, Oakland Unified School District, New York Department of Education, Root Division, the Queens Museum of Art, and countless artists, developing a commitment to communication through the arts; changing the future by working for a better today.

CEO Symphony No.5

Ever notice those shapes of paint, layered on top of each other on public walls, as a means to cover up graffiti? For CEO Symphony No.5, four public walls are photographed every week, from the same exact location every time, thus creating four time-lapses of these shapes appearing on the walls. The custodial staff for each location are manipulated into painting those shapes in specific places on the wall, so that when the four time-lapses are processed through a custom-designed software; they play the violin, viola, bass and flute sections for the first 180 measures of Beethoven's 5th Symphony.