My work has been influenced by my own experiences as a migrant from South Korea. Carrying my home inside my own body, I live life as an artwork, and seek to capture the emotional, political and psychological responses drawn by the interrelationship of hope and failure. I explore cultural landscapes by measuring my surroundings, using my own body as a medium, in order to create performative visual languages. My work deals with interdisciplinary formats, which consist of performance, video, photography, drawing, installation and life. My artistic interests are often portrayed within the communal elements of the public space. My work examines the process of seeking an identity while under the constraints of societal and political pressures.

"Bodies of Pyongyang"

Most people know who Kim Jong-il is, the dictator of North Korea. Most people don’t know that women in North Korea are hidden and veiled in their contemporary context. “Bodies of Pyongyang” is a live performance installation for which around thirty girls wearing North Korean schoolgirl uniforms are tightly packed inside a clear cube box, located off a street intersection. These tightly packed schoolgirls hysterically try to move about the enclosed cube box expressing their emotional pain and struggle. Red strings symbolizing their dual inner states of suppression and resistance entangle the girls further confining their freedom to move within their already limited and hermetic space.