Amapola Prada has presented her performance work in Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Spain. Her work explores the parallel actions between emotions and symbols stored in the body, the collective unconscious, and their relationship within a social space. She received a Bachelor of Social Psychology from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Amapola currently lives and works in Lima.

Project description

In a fluid exchange between meaning, appropriation, resistance and the search for resolution, Amapola Prada ( Lima, Peru) will work in collaboration with performance artist MPA ( New York, USA). Independently, they will engage in a parallel investigation of their relative subjectivity, after which they will meet in New York in the Spring of 2009 to encounter a new symbolic space activated by their exchange and transformed by their differences. This piece reflects a process that positions the subjectivity of the artist’s body as a site for experimentation, taking into account that this subjectivity is constructed within different symbolic spaces - historical, political, economic, social, and familiar spaces that are determined by the geographical place where an individual is born and lives.