Naeem Mohaiemen works in Dhaka and New York. His projects include Visible Collective (2006 Whitney Biennial: wrong gallery), Sartre Kommt Nach Stammheim (Pavillion, Documenta XII magazine), War of Six Six Six Against Sixty Million (Finnish Museum of Photography), Muslims or Heretics: My Camera Can Lie? (UK House of Lords), Penn Station Kills Me (w/ Gensler+Gutierrez, Exit Art gallery, New York), System Error: War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning (w/ Lorenzo Fusi, Palazzo Papesse, Siena), Oppose Us & Rome Will Not Forgive You A Second Time (Himal, Nepal), and Mind Crimes Trials for (Sweetly) Silent Artists (Aprior, Documenta XII magazine). His essays include Fear Of A Muslim Planet (Sound Unbound, DJ Spooky ed., MIT Press, forthcoming), Guerillas in the Mist (Sarai/Turbulence, Documenta XII magazine), Beirut: Illusion of a Silver Porsche (Men of Global South, Adam Jones ed., Zed Books) and Why Mahmud Can't be a Pilot (Nobody Passes, Matt Bernstein ed., Seal Press).

Project description

Mohaiemen’s proposed project explores the myth of good-vs.-evil in government kidnapping and assassination of Maoist guerillas in 1970s Bangladesh, exploding parallels with today’s “war on terror”—where “their” heroes are “our” terrorists. He plans to make a feature length experimental documentary and interactive installation that will exist in a gallery space and on the Internet as a walk-through, make-your-own-juxtapositions, jigsaw puzzle storyline, SMS-enabled journey. The installation will collage posed “heroic” photos, rehearsed diary entries, pronouncements against pornography, underground life artifacts, and interviews showing narrative contradictions: a tone poem with pop-up interjections and video meditation on tangents, digressions, and a questioning of bombastic imagery.