Kanene Holder is a New York performance artist who received her Bachelors Degree in speech pathology from Howard University. She has done film, commercials, theatre, voice-overs, and radio appearances.


“SITCHAASSDOWN” is “21 perfect-pitch snapshots of the black experience.”— Ellen Carpenter, New York Magazine. It is an interactive, multi-media, solo-satire whose characters including Buckwheat, Booticia, and Holly-Hibiscus alliterate/navigate internal impediments towards “final solutions” to racism, ghetto-isms, femininity, police brutality, and war, attempting to redefine their peripheral reality. Written and fueled by poetic alter-ego intelligent-ignoramus’s quest to reconcile with “Man’s inhumanity to Man” due to racial slurs throughout childhood, “SITCHAASSDOWN” is peppered with ironic word play as the juxtaposition of imagery, music, and dialogue engages audiences in the character’s journey, both emotionally and intellectually, through soliloquies in a Caribbean or Urban cadence.