Wayne Hodge is an artist whose work combines elements of performance, video, photography, and sound production. He received an M.F.A. from Rutgers University and attended the Whitney Independent Studio Program. His work has been shown at the Bronx Museum, Gallery Korea, as well as the Studio Museum in Harlem. He has shown internationally in Germany and Brazil.


Wayne Hodge creates a series of performance videos based around important works by Bruce Nauman. Taking his cue from Nauman’s early film Art Make-Up (1969), Hodge examines his relationship to Nauman’s gesture of painting his face and body. Hodge’s project Minstrel Torture, is a recreation of the Nauman video installation Clown Torture (1987). In this case, Hodge replaces the clown imagery with his own body as a minstrel, literally “blacking up” the space previously occupied by Nauman’s clowns. Hodge takes this idea further with Bert Williams (Shit in Your Hat). In this video, based on Nauman’s Shit in Your Hat—Head in a Chair (1990), Hodge replaces the mime with himself dressed as Minstrel performer Bert Williams (1874-1922). Hodge will wear a costume reconstructed from Williams’ performance in the 1910 Ziegfeld Follies. He will perform the commands from Nauman’s video, creating another layer of context to his ongoing project on Williams.