Diana Heise was three years old the first time that she was on stage and the practice stayed with her. Performance gives her the room simultaneously to embrace the visual languages of our time and work to combat the effects of over-saturation from media and modern life. She sees her role as an interlocutor, promoting a perpetual revolution which asks the audience to pay attention to the world around them. She was educated at Vassar College and the School of Visual Arts. Her work has been screened at the New York Underground Film Festival, the Brooklyn Arts Council Film and Video Festival, the Big Muddy Film Festival and the Black Maria Film Festival, among others. She has performed in New York and Savannah, GA, and is currently living/practicing in Kansas City, MO, while teaching at the Kansas City Art Institute.

"Troop Splurge"

Diana Heise says, in regards to her project: “Daily, I am bombarded by depictions of violent conflict. As more people die, it is difficult to contemplate each tragedy deeply and I am unwilling to accept this attitude. In response, I will build a life-size military vehicle out of edible material. In a public gallery, I will eat this mass. Because my eyes cannot absorb the repercussions of images fully, I will consume and digest this object with another sense. My body will negotiate the limit between consuming more and inducing nausea, a process which mirrors my relationship with news media. I will also like to ask the public who come to the gallery to join in consuming if they wish so that we may collectively process this military vehicle.”