Rashaad Newsome lives New York, working primarily as a digital media artist. He received a BFA from Tulane University, New Orleans in 2001 and studies Film at Film Video Art in New York City in 2004. His work has been shown in the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA; the Veletrzni Palace, Prague, Czech Republic as well as Glassbox Gallery and Foundation Cartier, Paris, France.

"Shade to NY"

In Shade to NY, sixty black females will stand at attention, and perform dismissive actions most commonly pegged as “ghetto.” They will smack their lips, roll their eyes and “huff & puff” simultaneously to create an orchestra of sound and movement. These rhythms will be showcased in real time and enhanced by a constant beat, created by Rashaad Newsome and Berlin-based group Cavaliermusic, which will weave in and out of the performance using Max MSP. The seeming fluidity of the rhythms belies the painstaking nature of the production process: over 100 sounds and gestures will have been choreographed to create the performance.