David Dahl Khang is a performance and visual artist based in Vancouver. He attended the Cooper Union and Hong-Ik University ( Seoul), before completing his BFA from the Emily Carr Institute (Vancouver), and MFA with Critical Theory Emphasis from the University of California, Irvine (2004). Khang’s work is informed by his previous education in the fields of psychology, theology, and dentistry. In recent performance and installation works that incorporate live animals, Khang explores relationships between visual, spoken, and written language through mediums of calligraphy, (word) games, and critical writing.

"How To Feed A Piano"

How To Feed A Piano is Khang’s third installment in a series of performances – following Zen for Mouth (Tokyo 2004), and Speaking of Butterflies (Los Angeles 2004) – that are based on La Monte Young’s Compositions 1960. For this performative installation, Khang will “feed hay and water to a piano” on stage. The piano then becomes the portal through which Khang enters an area where a horse awaits. Khang’s body will be painted, then harnessed to the horse, and dragged along the floor to produce marks reminiscent of Yves Klein’s Anthropometrie Series. Khang will be accompanied by a pianist for the duration of the piece. In this current series of performances, Khang converges on and considers Young’s compositions as ‘readymade’ departure points for his own divergent interpretations.