Since 1998 Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa has actively participated Vancouver's art scene with visceral and playful installations and performances. Ramirez-Figueroa grew up in Guatemala City during the country's most violent years of conflict. His early experiences of militarism are conflated with a larger dialogue related to ethics and interpersonal relations in his work. Ramirez-Figueroa's work addresses subjects such as colonialism, folkloric culture, familial history, socio-political forms of violence, experiences of the Diaspora, and the effects of globalization. Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa has a Bachelor of Media Arts from Emily Carr Institute.

"Muxux Uleu / Navel of the Earth"

Muxux Uleu / Navel of the Earth is a process-based performance inspired by stories of the artist's grandfather, Simeon de la Cruz, who was a ceremonial dancer and active figure in the Quiche and Ladino community of Joyabaj, Guatemala. The performance will be enacted in an outdoor site (perhaps a public garden) in New York, where Ramirez-Figueroa will draw out a navel in the earth. Through this process, Ramirez-Figueroa will actively meditate on the systems of meaning embedded in Mayan dance-drama and utilize its symbolic structure to reconsider cultural identity, race, power, and history.