Die Audio Gruppe Director Benoît Maubrey was born 1952 in Washington, D.C. and graduated with a B.A in 1975 from Georgetown University. Benoît is the director of Die Audio Gruppe, a Berlin-based art group that builds and performs with electronic clothes. Past examples include Audio Ballerinas, Audio Geishas, Audio Steelworkers, Bong Boys, Audio Peacocks, etc. His electro-acoustic clothes and dresses make sounds by interacting with their environment. They use -- among other electronic instruments-- light sensors that enable them to produce sounds through the interaction of their movements and the surrounding light (peeper choreography). Via movement sensors they can also trigger electronic sounds that are subsequently choreographed --or "orchestrated"-- into musical compositions as "audio ballet " (Yamaha choreography). A variety of other electronic instruments (mini-computers, samplers, contact microphones, cassette and CD players, and radio receivers) allow performers to work with the sounds, surfaces, and topographies of the space around them in a variety of solo or group choreographies. Rechargeable batteries allow them to operate both in- and out-of-doors. Die Audio Gruppe's work is essentially site-specific. Often electronics are adapted into entirely new "Audio Uniforms" or "sonic costumes" that reflect local customs, themes, or traditions (Audio Geisha/Japan, Audio Cyclists/France, Audio Hanbok/Korea).

“Audio Ballerinas in NYC”

A cooperative project between Benoît Maubrey’s Die Audio Gruppe and four New York City dancers will be performed in a series in New York City at three distinct outdoor spaces and one indoor venue.