After studying theater, ethnology and dance, Catherine Baÿ spent a decade developing her work as a choreographer and director. This has led her to experiment in different forms, choreography, performance, directing, video, cabaret, and to collaborate with artists from various disciplines. From 1987 to 1994, Catherine Baÿ orchestrated performances and events in unique spaces, such as swimming pools, nightclubs and vacant lots. She collaborated with visual artists (Combas, Jean-Charles Blais, Sylvia Bossu), architects (Laurence Bourgeois, Pascale Lecoq), and dancers/actors (Alain Rigout, Amy Garmon and Laurence Levasseur), among others. Catherine Baÿ lives and works in Paris

“Snow White”

The model for this work-in-progress is her original stage production, created in April 2003 at Studio 14 Paradis in Paris. The ongoing project continues to “nurture” Snow White, through performances, conferences, shows, and demonstrations proliferating throughout the world, and multiplying themselves as images of the mass culture. Snow White, a character from another world, propagates herself in ours like a virus, invading a space, adapting it to herself, than leaving it as quickly as she arrived. By using the tension between the fossilized Snow White image and its modernization, Catherine Baÿ asserts the plural interpretations of this fairy tale. Using popular performance techniques, she reactivates the imaginary domain of this over-exposed figure turned contemporary object-of consummation. Catherine Baÿ’s multiple Snow Whites play on the edge, at the indecipherable limits of dance, theater, mime, robotics, and/or puppetry.