Red Dive, a collaborative group of performance artists founded in 1996, seeks to re-discover overlooked neighborhoods, social issues, and human experiences in an effort to sharpen our peripheral vision while breaking down emotional and intellectual barriers to new experiences. Red Dive believes that through a radical re-envisioning of how and where art is presented, they can have a greater impact on human and social issues and engage wide audiences. Red Dive is comprised of Ellen Baird, Maureen Brennan, Kerry Lowe, and Ashley Smith.

Project Description:

"City of Refuge" is a performance-installation tour of Lower Manhattan planned for October 2004 as a part of Red Dive's PERIPHERAL CITY PROGRAM. The work will expose layers of cultural histories and intersecting immigrant narratives in order to contextualize fears and anxieties of our current world. Starting in a Greek diner in Chinatown, groups of fifteen audience members will explore urban notions of safety and sanctuary through encountering theatrical episodes, music, dance, and visual effects during the fifty minute walking tour. Unlike typical walking tours of historical sites, "City of Refuge" will turn street corners, the sidewalks underneath the Manhattan Bridge and the steps of churches into points of destination and unexpected venues for performance. Red Dive will merge the voices of seasoned performers, non-traditional artists and local residents to create a unified experience aimed at altering and expanding perceptions of place, community, and art.