Alexander Komlosi is a Czech-Russian-Slovak-Polish-Hungarian-German first generation American writer, director, and actor. His work explores the nature and dynamics of open, honest, and joyful communication. He graduated from Bates College with an interdisciplinary B.A. in Political Theory and Performance. He received his MFA in Acting with a focus on authorship from The Academy of Performing Arts, Prague in 2002. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Drama Theory at the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague.

Project Description:

"The Office of the Professional Human Being" began as a respectful parody of the psychotherapeutic process. It has grown to become a real and virtual event during which people share and reflect upon the distinctive experiences that characterize what being a human being is about for them. Consultations occur either in the mobile Office (a small garden tent transformed into a cozy and comfortable consultation room), a public space (e.g. a café), at the client's home (i.e. a "house-call"), and/or the Office's website (www.professionalhumanbeing.net). These meetings consist of a maximum of four people (three clients and the artist) sharing definitively human experiences and reflecting upon them through games, writing, and primarily, talking. Once a client concludes the process (approximately six months), the artist writes a narrative using their interaction and the client's original stories as inspirational material. The artist then gives the text to the client and publishes it on his website. Thus, the Office supports, nurtures, and inspires people who wish to share and reflect upon their uniquely human experiences.