Lance Horne holds a B.A. and a Masters from Juilliard. Currently on the theory faculty at New York University, Mr. Horn has also taught at Counterpoint at Schola Cantorum, Paris since 2001. His works have been performed at Joe's Pub, Lincoln Center's American Songbook, Broadway's New Amsterdam Theater, Sesame Street at the Lincoln Center Tree Lighting, and the final service at Ground Zero. His residencies and awards include: New Lyric Festival, NMTC O'Neill Center, National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts/ARTS, and ASCAP Grants to Young Composers. He resides in New York City.

Melissa Madden Gray's work ranges from contemporary opera, experimental 'new music' and solo multimedia performance to main-stage theater and film, as well as choreography for music/dance theater. She is a graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arrts (W.A.A.P.A., Music Theater, 1997) and the University of Melborne (Bachelor of Laws (Hons)/Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honors in Fine Arts and German). She has received a number of awards, including a DAAD fellowship to study theater in Berlin, and has just completed a further creative grant in Berlin. Ms. Gray's alter-ego, "Meow-Meow," has been performing her 'suicide cabaret acts' in NYC with pianist Anthony Coleman for several years. She lives in Australia and works in Berlin and NYC.

Project Description:

Ms. Madden Gray and Mr. Horne propose a work which examines communication and the construction/deterioration of the individual in the digital age. Ms Madden Gray, serving as a 'receptionist/central processing unit,' performs live in front of a series of nine screens: three which display prerecorded visuals; 3 which display simultaneous live web broadcasts; and three which feature live performers behind glass. Live music composed by Mr. Horne will underscore "Sessions," which will include Ms. Madden Gray's speech, singing and movement as key elements in the sequence of deterioration. The soundscape will also juxtapose live and virtual sequences, such that by the end of the hour-long work, there should be no way to discern between the two. The webcasts will involve their collaborators in Berlin, Australia, and California, maybe Shangai, and their work will, in turn, be broadcast on the Web, adding geographical dimension to the performance.