Ex.Pgirl is an international performance collective founded in 2002 by artists hailing from four different countries (USA, France, Argentina, and Japan). ExPgirl consists of the artists: Suzi Takahashi (USA), Bertie Ferdman (France), Paula Salomon (Argentina) and Kiyoko Kashiwagi (Japan). Combining each member's multicultural identity, as well as diverse artistic disciplines (Viewpoints, Theater, Circus and Dance), Ex.Pgirl seeks to create a new perception of nationalism for the global community. Dedicated to creating powerful visual images from simple objects and situations, Ex.Pgirl creates a complex landscape of identity in which the languages of movement and music transcends the spoken word.

Project Description:

"Waving Hello" is a multi-disciplinary movement theater piece comprised of a series of thematically linked dances, songs, language games, scenes, and video. Together, these differing genres create a humorous, entertaining, and touching look into how four international women assert their place in America. By juxtaposing "pop" images of All-American surf culture against the multicultural experience of urban New York City, Ex.Pgirl seeks to subvert the idealized American experience and create new ideas of nationalism. As if mirroring the rolling waves of the ocean, each scene offers one interpretation of America, then sweeps it away with a differing perspective. In a magical world where a simple plastic box is transformed into a surfboard, a bathtub, and an instrument of torture, Waving Hello is a feast of visual creativity where the simplest of objects become imbued with resonant meaning.