Lois Weaver has been a performer, director, and writer with the Split Britches Company since 1980. She is currently touring with Leslie Hill and Helen Paris in On the Scent, while they are developing a guerrilla video performance entitled Dirty Laundry commissioned by Franklin Furnace in New York. Weaver is also creating a new solo piece entitled Nothing to Write Home About. She teaches at Queen Mary, University of London, where she is involved in STAGING HUMAN RIGHTS, a project that uses performance practice to explore issues of human rights in women's prisons in Brazil and the UK. Weaver is also editing and directing Peggy Shaw's To My Chagrin and developing a video performance, What Tommy Needs to Know, in collaboration with Holly Hughes and Eleanor Savage.

Leslie Hill and Helen Paris are London-based artists working in performance, video and digital arts, known for their edgy, humorous interrogations of contemporary culture and politics. Their company 'curious' was formed in 1996 and has been supported internationally by institutions such as the Arts Council of England, the National Endowment for the Arts (USA), the National Center for Biological Sciences, India and the Australia Council.

Project Description:

Dirty Laundry--the Guerrilla Projections. The artists will write and direct short films for projection on laundry at unauthorized locations. Weaver's piece, Trouble With My Sheets, will be projected on bed linen, airing imagery of sex, ghosts, struggle and comfort. Paris will create Family Hold Back! for projection on a tablecloth, airing issues of etiquette, the madness of manners, repression, and what goes on beneath the perfectly laid table. Hill's film White Men's Shirts will be projected on a mast of identical white long sleeve shirts for men and will air issues of eugenics and DNA. Some possible projection sites may include but are not limited to: Union Square, Cooper Union, The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, and Chinatown.