Tobaron Waxman uses voice, video, internet, language and recontextualized objects in his performance installations. His recent work reverently incorporates both Chassidic thought and the lived realities of transsexual embodiment. From these seemingly unrelated lexicons his work indicates variant concepts of gender as applied to notions of the Body, the Land, (i.e. Israel) and Israel/Palestine conflict. He has performed in Chicago at Links Hall and Gallery2; in Toronto at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, The Lab, Cinecycle, and The Music Gallery. He has shown installation in Toronto at the Liason of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT), Zsa Zsa, and the OCAD Atrium Gallery; and in San Francisco at The Center and The Lab.

Project Description:

'Rememberment' will be a composite website project which, by the use of virtual space, evokes the process of embodiment as uniquely experienced by the transsexual male (FTM). The site consists of three parts: 'urethrasite', a hyperessay about the future of FTM surgeries; 'letter from the fourth son', about an FTMs quest for queer mentorship; and the 'cyberjournals of DovidFTM', a reflection on the discourse inundation that many FTMs have had to sift through. In addition, health and information resources will be maintained and regularly updated. Each sub-site will utilize audio and video enhancements, and DHTML and javascript programming. The site attempts to further Waxman's ongoing project to read the text of the body through the code of the internet.