Stefanie Trojan began her career as a figurative sculptor and soon turned to performance to inhabit and embody the sculptural space. Trojan feels that by using her person as her material she can elicit a different response from the audience than she could by constructing sculpture in traditional material. By employing her own body as a living sculpture she attempts to free its natural qualities of motion and appearance as well. Trojan's work navigates the overlapping zone of the personal and public, as theater and "real" life. By interrogating social habits she inserts herself as art into non-art contexts, and documents the performance as well as the public reaction. Trojan's performances transfer or pass the action onto the viewer or audience, and attempts to engage or energize an open-ended exchange between performer and participant/audience.
She has contributed to, and participated in, group and solo shows in Munich, Mexico City, Venice and New York City. She recently was awarded a DAAD grant for travel and research abroad.

Project Description:

The work will be a series of solo performances. Some of them will be entirely new, as responses to and created for public or semi-public situation-specific locations. The other sequence will be reprises of previous recent performances done in Europe or Asia, with the distinct intent of registering possible differences of cultural reception.