Vivian Babuts is a performance artist and photographer. Since 1995 she has been photographing radical and contemporary women performance artists, while performing her own solo work. Babuts' work explores the identity of the "other," and delves into issues of rage, deviance, illness, and the divine. She has presented her work at various locations and spaces throughout New York City including Dixon Place, WOW Café Theater, and LaMama Theater-annex. Most recently she has lectured and performed at the 12th Annual Matrilineage Symposium at Syracuse University. In the summer of 2002, Babuts curated at the Spark Art Center in Syracuse The Trans'cendental Wimmin's Culture Clash, a group show featuring "experimental performance art by and for women and transgender folk" from the Central New York community.

Project Description:

The project will be divided into two parts. The first part will be the creation of a collection of performances which will comprise an evening length show that Babuts plans to take on tour. The performances combine the physicality of the human medium with spoken text, photographic images, and other various media. The second part consists of unsolicited daytime performances at museums or galleries in which the space will become an instant collaborator. The artist sees these performance in the gallery not as an intrusion but an expression of the freedom and survival of the self, at the same time drawing attention to the privatization and privileging of space itself.