William Pope L.


Eating the Wall Street Journal; Previous versions of this work were done in 1992 and, most recently, at the Mobius Artists Space in Boston, January 2000. Both versions were street performances. The Mobius performance consisted of me sitting on a 'throne' of Wall Street Journals on the sidewalks in various locations within the Boston financial district. While there I attempted to injest a stack of newspaper on which I was sitting while drinking milk (to coat my stomache and to dilute the poisons of the paper). At spontaneous intervals during the performance I made phone calls to the senior vice presidents of the district office of the Wall Street Journal in Boston. I invited each vice president to lunch with me at the particular location of the performance. I did this work once a day for five days calling one senior vice president a day.


William Pope L. is a visual, performance-theater artist and educator who makes culture out of contradiction. He attended the Mason Gross School at Rutgers University for his graduate work and studied with Ruth Meleczech and Lee Breuer f Mabou Mines at Re. Cher. Chez-Studio, in New York City. Pope L. has recieved many awards, residencies, and grants- including three National Endowment Fellowships and most recently a Fund for Artists Grant to tour his solo performance work, ERACISM, in Canada and a Maine Arts Commission Grant for his Broadway Crawl Project (1999).


background image (top): Jim Caulder in Pope L's "Consuming the Center"
(bottom): Pope L in "A Negro Sleeps Beneath the Susquehenna"
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