Deborah Edmeades


Strange Fate

A series of pieces based around my artist identity, including a video in which Slopper, playing the dramatised artist, attempts to paint a self-portrait, but the mischievous stool that he is sitting on has a will of it's own....


Deborah Edmeades was educated at the Johannesburg Art Foundation, Johannesburg, South Africa. For the past ten years, she has been busy performing her artwork at NY Galleries and venues such as Exit Art, WOW Cafe, Franklin Furnace, Jack Tilton Gallery, and The Knitting Factory. She has also held several art teaching jobs in the U.S. and in South Africa.


background: "T.V. Show/Strange Fate", Deborah Edmeades
rollover image: Deborah Edmeades as Slopper in "Fancy Ladies"
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