Fall 1998/Spring 1999
22 netcasts of temporal art presented by
Franklin Furnace in collaboration with
Pseudo Programs, Inc.
Fridays at 5 PM EST at
channelp.com or franklinfurnace.org
You will need RealPlayer to view netcasts. Get it here.

Franklin Furnace's first full season as a virtual presenting institution was entitled THE FUTURE OF THE PRESENT, and it took place every other week on Fridays at 5:00 PM from September, 1998 to July, 1999 in collaboration with Pseudo Programs' performance channel, Channelp.com. Each artist received a total of six hours of pre-production time from Pseudo; this isn't very much time to produce a work of art, and so many of the netcasts are regarded by the artists as works in progress. Additionally, the "live" show included a "chat" feature which enabled viewers around the world to ask questions or make comments; this interactive feature is also not a component of these archival netcasts. With all of these provisos, I am nevertheless extremely proud of the work that was created by 22 artists hailing from as near and far as Brooklyn and Bucharest. Enjoy! --

        Martha Wilson, Founding Director of Franklin Furnace, April 20, 2000

These performances are now accessible online through
Walker Art Center's Gallery 9 | Digital Arts Study Collection


9.25 Rae C. Wright: ART THIEVES

10.9 Gillian Dyson: SINE

10.23 Rafael Sanchez: LITTLE PRAYERS and other works

11.6 Davide Bramante: SERIAL KILLER PART II and other works

11.20 Sarah East Johnson: GROUNDWORK and other works

12.4 Marilena Preda Sanc: MINDSCAPE and other works

12.18 Dance Kumikokimoto: memoryscan

Spring 1999 detailed project descriptions


1.1.99 Standard & Poor: THE RED CARPET ROLLERS

1.15 Irina Danilova & Steven Ausbury: MIR is HERE!

1.29 Anita Ponton: SAY SOMETHING and other works

2.19 Kathy Westwater: THE FORTUNE COOKIE DANCE

2.26 Doorika: THE FORGERY

3.5 Andrea Kleine: JOSEPHINE and other works

3.19 Mark Fox & David Zaza: THE KISS

4.2 Teresa Konechne: folding prairie

4.16 Paul Granjon: Z FOOD IN NEW YORK

5.7 Dahn Hiuni: ART HISTORY 487: Late 20th Century Art"

5.21 Romy Achituv

6.4 Laure Drogoul: THE NIPPLE PROJECT

6.18 Joshua Fried: HEADSET SEXTET

7.2 Michael Bramwell: FORMALBALL


Fall 1998 detailed project descriptions

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