Sarah Drury is an interactive media artist who works with interactive performance, wearable interface design, interactive installation, web-based projects, and video. She has presented her work internationally, in galleries, at universities, and at conferences. She received her BA from Barnard College and her MA and MPS from New York University. Previously, she has taught at the State University of New York at Peekskill, Long Island University, and New York University. Currently, she teaches at Temple University and lives in Philadelphia, PA.

"eVokability”: The Walking Project

“eVokability”: The Walking Project is a performance piece that explores ideas and images surrounding “the body with disabilities.” Four performers wear costumes embedded with sensors that track the shape and force of physical gesture, using these dynamics to generate live media projections that amplify their movement. Drury collaborates with performance artists Cathy Weis, Shelley Barry, Lezlie Frye, and Lisa Bufano, and directs this ensemble of four solo pieces that transpose movement to media. Performers approach “walking” from the standpoint of a question: what does it mean to walk—and how is it accomplished by those with different bodies?