Franklin Furnace THE FUTURE OF

The Future of the Present program has evolved from netcasts co-produced beginning in 1998 with Pseudo Programs, Inc., into sophisticated public events we produce in partnership with an array of venues in and around New York and the world, that encompass every gradation of possibility between two poles, the body of the artist and the body of the net. Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc. is pleased to announce THE FUTURE OF THE PRESENT 2006-07:

John Jesurun, New York, NY
Diane Ludin, Brooklyn, NY

Since becoming a "virtual institution" on its 20th anniversary, Franklin Furnace has developed partnerships designed to present complex works of art and bring them to the widest possible audiences. In the past we have teamed with such collegial institutions as Downtown Community Television, Eyebeam Atelier, Hunter College,, Location One, Parsons School of Design, Postmasters Gallery, Pseudo Programs and The Kitchen: as well as venues in Managua, Nicaragua, Split, Croatia and Tokyo, Japan.

Panelist Bios