Diane Ludin is an artist and writer living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She received an MFA from the School of Visual Art, In new York City. Her projects include internet-based collages, installations and performances that explore ideas of media representation as information. Ludin has presented her work in the US and Europe.

i-BPE (i-Biology Patent Engine) Beta Version 1.0

i-BPE (i-Biology Patent Engine) Beta Version 1.0 is a Patent Tracing Engine that is part of an ongoing series of Subjective Tooling Systems that will initiate the development of Inference Technology, allowing users to reflect on and perforate the low visibility of patents which draw on recent biotechnical practice. i-BPE offers an opening source of technological property rights and rules being drawn today by the U.S.’s Patent and Trademark Office. USTPO Patents are a combination of numbers, titles, claims, and barcodes. i-BPE collages its filtered content. The Engine offers users a lo-fidelity version of file sharing. This file sharing is structured for interactive play with USTrademark Patents as the medium to mix. The goal of collaging this data is to pervert the authority of utility and rationality within the Internet.