Hiroko Tanahashiwas born 1976 in Tokyo , Japan . She is a graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts Film and Television Program at New York University (BFA) and of the MFA Program in Multi Media Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design, New York, where she focused on interactive media arts.

Tanahashi has worked as an art director for film and as a stage designer for theatre. She has realized many performances, solo exhibitions, and video installations, for example “The Last Circus” (2002), an interactive theatre piece which was shown at the Parsons Auditorium, New York; “FLIE” (2003), a hybrid between design and fine arts; a post card sculpture at Laura Mars Group, Berlin; the ongoing “Tanabata Performance series;” a mobile car installation in different cities at the annual Tanabata (Day of the Milky Way) holiday in Berlin, Vienna and Belgrade; “Delicious Moves “(2004), a culinary graphic exhibition installation about legendary Japanese Bento boxes at Zagreus Projekt Berlin; and “Heavenly Bento” (2004), a multimedia theatre piece about two founders of a Japanese electronic concern at the Theatre Biennale, Bonn.

The Final Act”

Is a narrated story of the last performance of the last circus – in the near future. Using live acrobats and videos projected on umbrellas, the performance questions the relationship between live and virtual performers in a blend of the two. “The Final Act” is about the shift of perception in popular entertainment. It’s a project that reflects upon the genesis of performing arts genres that seeks to reveal the qualities of both digital and physical performers.